After-Storm Cleanup Services in Indian River County and Brevard County

With the 2021 Hurricane season upon us. it’s time to prepare your Vero Beach and Sebastion properties. Severe weather, tropical storms, hurricanes, and natural disasters will cause water damage that will lead to mold growth, wind damage, and structural damage to your home or business. Dealing with the aftermath of a hurricane is extremely stressful. We understand the importance of hurricane preparedness.

After-storm cleanup services in Vero Beach and Sebastion

After a storm in Vero Beach, or a flood in Sebastion, or some other environmental disaster, there is damage. Post-Disaster cleanup in Vero Beach is needed when floodwaters and rain damage that could cause mold growth cause structural damage to your home. The likelihood that your Sebastion or Vero Beach home will be affected by a storm is much higher than most people realize. Let IRJR Services (Indian River Junk Removal Services) help you get back to a normal routine after a natural disaster. Indian River and Brevard County aeas impacted by hurricanes can be surrounded by water for multiple days, causing damage to the roofs, air conditioners, pumps, and other appliances.

What to do after a hurricane on the Treasure Coast

The first thing that needs to happen after a hurricane in Floria is to make sure that you know who to call for after-storm cleanup. Many people get the idea that they should wait for their insurance company to come and fix the damage they’ve experienced. This is not the case. Depending on the type of home you have, you will need to find someone to clean up after the hurricane. Typically, you will need someone to clean up before the insurance company comes to check for the damage. Call IRJR Services to get that cleanup done for you.

How to prepare for a hurricane

Secure your belongings, your business, your property. Plan for minor to major structural damage. Get the latest weather updates. Plan for tree removal. Assess your health and safety needs. Before a storm: Know your evacuation route and meeting locations. Plan for your pets. Generate an emergency plan for your employees, family, and friends. Now is the time to prepare your home or business for after the storm. Having the knowledge to prepare your home or business for the aftermath of a hurricane is the best way to reduce your stress. Knowing what needs to be done is the first step to recovering after the hurricane strikes. Once the storm is gone, come clean up and get back to business as usual.


IRJR Services has a long-standing reputation for being very efficient. Get in touch with us to take advantage of our After-Storm Cleanup Services. Your Vero Beach or Sebastian home or business will benefit from our commitment to excellent customer service.