IRJR Services Junk & Debris Removal Service

Debris & Junk Removal in Sebastian and Vero Beach

IRJR Services in Sebastian and Vero Beach has the experience, expertise, equipment, and crew to quickly clear your home, commercial facility, or land of any unwanted debris, junk, or yard waste. Whether you need a cluttered house or lot cleared of garbage or your land cleared of landscaping and yard debris, IRJR Services will get the job done safely, quickly, and efficiently.

What we do

• Clean out junk, debris, tree limbs, and brush from your home, yard, business, and property

• Remove fallen trees or branches from your property

• Remove trash, and recycling

• Remodel your yard or garden

• Remove trees and brush on your property

• Landscaping services: tree trimming, rock work, erosion control, construction of retaining walls

• Clean up any mess or items that are unsightly and remove debris/trash

• Collect and dispose of junk

• Handling of bulk quantities of debris/trash

• Hazardous materials clean up

• Clean up of demolition sites

• Pick up junk left at construction sites, at the owner’s request

• Hauls hazardous material, medical waste, tires, plastics, scrap metal

• We remove animal cages, cattle feeders, fences, loose animals, dead farm animals, garbage, mattresses, scrap metal, old car parts, appliances, etc.

We are committed to completing a job the right way, the first time, every time. We are licensed and insured. To learn more, call our office at 772.794.6379.

How we do it

We start our work at your location. We give you as much time as needed to prepare your place and ensure your business is safe from potential hazards. We use a collection service with vehicles designed for debris removal. We work with you to build a detailed map showing where your junk is located on your property and what we will remove. We remove the junk using our equipment which is equipped with a ramp and a lift. 

The most common debris in Vero Beach or junk removal includes fallen trees, construction debris, roofing materials, furniture, cars, boat parts, trailers, motorcycles, cars, jet ski parts, appliances, sheds, clothes, furniture, household items, roofing materials, electronics, house plants, carpet, and home accessories. 

Our Vero Beach crews use heavy-duty trash compactors and scoopers to pull out large items like furniture, mattresses, appliances, heavy plants, and other oversized items that are not appropriate for disposal. With years of experience, IRJR Services in Sebastian and Vero Beach offers fast, safe, and reliable removal of residential, commercial, and landscaping debris and yard and landscape waste. When you call At IRJR Services, we start working as soon as possible to assure your items are removed from your property most quickly and professionally possible.

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