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Bobcat Services in Brevard and Indian River County

Bobcat Services in Brevard and Indian River County. IRJR Services is a locally owned and operated business. We are fully insured to carry out work in Brevard and Indian River County.

Bobcat Services – Blacktop and Concrete Removal

Are you expanding? Is there a porch or patio that is no longer wanted, used or, needed? We’ll happily remove those unwanted walkways, pool patios, concrete blocks along with paving and blacktop. IRJR Services has all the equipment here in Brevard and Indian River to complete the project that you have always wanted to finish. Somebody’s got to do it, so give us a call today.

Our Bobcat Services and Lot Clearing Services also provide you with grading services, drainage (water), erosion control, heavy brush mowing, plot construction, trail construction.

Using the Bobcat allows us to safely work in Florida’s different soil conditions, including residential, agricultural, and commercial areas.

We take steps to minimize any damage to existing surfaces. When IRJR Services completes your Bobcat job, other than what we are there to remove, you won’t even know we have been there.

Bobcat Services for Erosion Control

Does your yard or gravel drive washout?

Use our Bobcat Services to repair those areas around your Brevard and Indian River County.

Bobcat Services for Drainage Problems

Do you have water flow problems around your Brevard and Indian River County house, business or, Brevard/Indian River County property?

Our Bobcat Services can adjust the water to flow away from your house or buildings. Nobody wants a pond in the front yard every time it rains.

IRJR Services - Bobcat Services

Bobcat Mini Excavator Service

IRJR Services can assist you with house additions regarding water lines, drain tiles, and trenching.

Bobcat Services for General Grading

Is your Brevard and Indian River County yard or property uneven or sloped?

IRJR Services can level/grade/even your sloped or uneven property. Grading the property will make it safer for you and your family. Our Bobcat Services can also provide site preparation for expansions, sheds, and, garages.